Live Like You Give a F*ck

A good friend recently gifted us with two of my now-favorite cookbooks for our wedding. Both are filled with culinary delights I can't wait to bring to life in my own kitchen. But the one that really speaks to me like no other cookbook ever has, is New York Times Bestseller Thug Kitchen: The Official Cookbook: Eat Like You Give a F*ck.

As its title suggests, it's not for the faint of heart. This is where the term food porn crosses the threshold from figurative to literal. The language is as colorful as the photography that pops off the pages in 3D-like fashion. Nonetheless, if you can get past a few -- okay, A LOT of -- expletives, you're in for a treat. The book presents clean eating in a real, uncomplicated way that's refreshing and makes you look beyond its raw words and conversational tone. Eat like you give a f*ck. Ponder that for just a second. And then apply it to the rest of your life.

We've become a society of robots, moving mindlessly from one sensory-overloaded activity to another. We're on autopilot, caught up in superficial smokescreens that detract from the joys of a more simple, mundane existence. Convenience has taken priority over conscience, and it's come at a steep price: our health, both physical and emotional.

The drive-through line is nothing more than a poorly disguised fast track to illness. Would you rather spend a few bucks more on organic, whole foods now -- or tens of thousands more on chemotherapy and insulin a few years from now? Nutrition may not guarantee you won’t face disease at some point, but it’s health insurance I’d bank on any day over what Big Pharma and Medicare have to offer. And let's not forget the beauty of preparing a healthy meal at home to be enjoyed together with those we love.

Bottom line: It's time to get back to basics and not only eat like we give a f*ck, but LIVE like we do as well.