Mundane Mirth

Like the plumber who doesn’t bother to fix the leaky faucet in his own home, I have gotten out of the habit of writing for myself lately. Just for enjoyment. About the stuff I want to write about (not something somebody else pays me to write about — although, I’d like to point out that I’m extremely grateful for those folks who do pay me to write for them).

So, here we are.

New year, new opportunity to hold myself accountable in my writing and growth as a content creator. And on that note, I have renamed my blog. I give you Mundane Mirth — my web log of personal observations and explorations intended to bring joy and purpose to everyday life.

I chose this new name because I believe we sometimes overlook opportunities to find something extraordinary about an ordinary day. There is something to celebrate in even the most banal day-to-day existence, and I am on a mission to bring imagination to the unimaginative.

I am, after all, Zambon Creative. It’s time I got back to creating. I hope you’ll join me in my experience by reading my blog articles and sharing your thoughts. Let’s make this a conversation — a dialogue, not a monologue.